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La Jolla Shores

Demarcated loosely by Torrey Pines Road to the south and east, the La Jolla Shores enclave can be found just below La Jolla Farms.  However, unlike its northern neighbor, The Shores consists mostly of flat lands with a small portion climbing the hillsides to the east. First developed at the turn of the last century, this community boasts not only luxury homes and condominiums but also quaint post-war cottages.

The area takes its name from the approximately one-mile long, crescent shaped sandy beach that runs along its western edge.  Stretching from the sea cliffs just north of La Jolla Cove to Black’s Beach just south of Torrey Pines State Park, La Jolla Shores lies adjacent to the 6,000 acre San Diego Underwater Park Ecological Reserve.

Called by many the best beach in Southern California, this busy swimming, diving, and kayaking venue is popular with both families and surfers.  Because the beach is protected by La Jolla Bay, the waters here are the calmest that San Diego offers.

One block from the beach and up a gentle hill, a delightful mixed-use business district encircles Laureate Park and provides residents with a village-like atmosphere for shopping and dining.  Any additional commercial development in the area must meet strict architectural and usage standards that preserve the district’s Mediterranean character.

The 20-acre La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (LJBTC), located in the southern part of The Shores, is a private resort occupying one of the few private beaches remaining along the California coast.  Only a few yards from the underwater ecological reserve, the beach at the LJBTC provides pristine sands where members and guests can enjoy the glories of a Southern California beach absent the crowds that often overwhelm the coastline. Founded in 1927, the LJBTC does open almost 100 guest rooms to the public, and many San Diego families make vacationing here an annual event.

The Shores is also home to the world-famous Scripps Institution of Oceanography, renowned for training undergraduate and graduate students in ocean and earth science research.  A favorite of tourists and local families, the institution’s Birch Aquarium, which is perched on a picturesque bluff above The Shores, features 60+ tanks of colorful marine life and an interactive museum showcasing research discoveries in climate, earth, and ocean sciences.  Originally constructed during 1915-1916, the landmark 1,090 foot long Scripps Pier is a private research facility that is an unparalleled source of information on changes in the coastal Pacific Ocean.

Although potential buyers considering The Shores will find within its boundaries some of the country’s most expensive properties, they will also discover that more affordable homes are always available in this beautiful, beach-centered community.